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Introducing the new vip Coaching Program!

Vip is a coaching program created to recognize the contribution of coaches in communities across Nova Scotia. Vip is not a certification or requirement, but rather a proactive opportunity for coaches to continue to excel in ethical leadership.

This program is designed to raise the bar for what it means to be a coach in Nova Scotia. Vip participants are supported and part of a broader community who are leading the way, creating a positive impact on the lives of everyone in the provincial and community sport sector. Interested in becoming a vip coach?

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VIP Program
Support4Sport Coaches

To date, over 400 coaches from across the province of Nova Scotia have applied to be a Support4Sport vip coach. These coaches represent more than 40 sports and close to 45% of these coaches identify as female. Of these applicants, nearly 150 coaches have obtained the vip status. We would like to recognize these coaches for their commitment to safe sport, ethical leadership and creating a positive impact in their communities. Here is a list of Support4Sport vip coaches as of July 1st, 2020:

Name Sport
Adam Miller Soccer
Alix d'Entremont Swimming
Ally Merrill Artistic Swimming
Amanda Boulegon Hockey
Amanda Silver Kaulback Wrestling
Amanda Thompson Weightlifting
Andrea Thompson Baseball
Anna MacKenzie Ringette
Arielle Aucoin Ringette
Ashley Grace Cheer
Ashley Poirier Soccer
Ashley Vroom Equestrian
Augie Westhaver Weightlifting
Axel Lawrence Rugby
Beate Shannon Volleyball
Becky Whalen Figure Skating
Ben Lovett Alpine Ski
Ben McCarthy Gymnastics
Bettina Callary Alpine Ski
Bill Foster Soccer
Blair Sampson Football
Brad Ross Boxing
Branden Benvie Wrestling
Brian Mackintosh Curling
Brianna Schooten Gymnastics
Bruce Moore Basketball
Bryce Fisher Football
Caelan Shaw Freestyle Ski
Cameron Short Rope Skipping
Carol Anne Prost Trampoline
Chauntelle Brewer Rugby
Cheryle Gaston Figure Skating
Chris Mosher Curling
Christian Hall Canoe Kayak
Constadina Rogers Swimming
Cory Boutilier Baseball
Craig Boyce Basketball
Dan Higgins Basketball
Daniel MacSwain Soccer
Danielle Cyr Soccer
David Brown Gymnastics
David Greer Tennis
David Todd Alpine Ski
Deanne Oickle Gymnastics and Volleyball
Duane Cleary Hockey
Emma DeLory Rugby
Gary Walsh Karate
Gilles Saulnier Hockey
Name Sport
Grace MacKenzie Ringette
Greg Doody Alpine Ski
Guy Desgagne Volleyball
Jakob Jeannot Canoe Kayak
Janet Heppell Basketball
Jared Goad Gymnastics
Jared Griffiths Soccer
Jason Peters Basketball and Rugby
Jason Scott Judo
Jeff Houser Canoe Kayak
Jeff Murphy Karate
Jeffery Zahavich Triathlon
Jenna Blackburn Soccer
Jennifer Chase Curling
Jennifer Weatherhead Volleyball
Jill MacDonald Volleyball
Joan MacDonald Lawn Bowling
Jo-Anne Stanford Cheer
Jolayne MacKenzie Volleyball
Jon Elliott Volleyball
Jonathan Roode Wrestling
Kaitlin Sibbald Artistic Swimming
Kathy Myketyn Lawn Bowling
Katie Scissons Alpine Ski
Katja Seufert Alpine Ski
Kegin Watt Hockey
Kelly Trask Volleyball
Ken Baker Rugby
Ken Foote Hockey
Kenneth Lenihan Baseball
Kevin Elworthy Alpine Ski
Kim Walsh Wrestling
Kimberly Sutherland Snowboard
Kirsti Mason Ringette
Kristin d'Eon Freestyle Ski and Snowboard
Kwabby Oppong Soccer
Lindsay van Kessel Soccer
Luke McFarland Basketball
Marc Ffrench Basketball
Marijke Nel Tennis
Mark Forward Basketball
Matt Holton Soccer
Matthew Tapper Hockey
Maura Hunter Swimming / Special Olympics
Mayumi Endo Lawn Bowling
Megan Conroy Volleyball
Michael Crawford Hockey and Baseball
Name Sport
Michele Jeffrey Volleyball
Michelle Lynch Hockey
Michelle Wilson Swimming
Mike Lidstone Wrestling
Mike Perrin Hockey
Mike Strang Curling
Mike Whyatt Soccer
Moira Milward Swimming
Monique Johnson Cheer
Nancy Barrett Ringette
Natalie Kennie-Kaulbach Volleyball
Natalie Randall Price Rugby
Nena Erickson Cheer
Nick Richards Ringette and Hockey
Nina Brien Basketball
Paddy Conrad Ringette and Hockey
Patrick Cody Rowing
Patrick Thompson Badminton
Peter Korisanszky Canoe Kayak
Peter Lord Athletics
Roger Hardy Alpine Ski
Roric (Rory) Fraser Wrestling
Ross hartinger Volleyball
Ryan Cornish Football
Sanford Warren Rugby
Sara Wilson Golf
Sarah MacNeil Hockey
Scott Arnold Curling
Sean Francois Basketball and Soccer
Shane Kaiser Alpine Ski
Shannon Doane Karate
Sheila McGinn Speed Skating
Stefanie Elworthy Alpine Ski
Stephan Handerek Baseball
Stephen Kerr Archery
Steve Morley Athletics
Steve Plumridge Alpine Ski
Tasia McKenna Basketball
Taylor Dempsey Ringette
Tom Callary Alpine Ski
Tracey Tulloch Ringette
Tracy Acker-Canning Volleyball
Tracy Brown Rowing
Trudy Delorey Volleyball
Vera Ford Volleyball
Zachary Dickson Snowboard
Zoe Miles Swimming

What do I have to do to be accepted?

To be part of the vip coach program, coaches must meet a specific criteria. Completion of this application form allows us to check your vip program eligibility and determine your next steps to meet the criteria. To officially obtain the vip coaching status, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Sign Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) Code of Conduct
  • Agree to meeting minimum safe sport training recommendations
  • Trained or Certified to coach the level of sport indicated in your application
  • Obtain three Professional Development points within the past 12 months
  • Complete Safe Sport Training*:
    • Commit to Kids
    • Respect in Sport
    • Making Ethical Decisions
  • Submit a Criminal Record Check with Vulnerable Sector Check and Child Abuse Registry

*Coupon codes will be provided so you can complete the training at NO CHARGE.

Why do I want to be a vip coach?

The vip program is creating a community of like-minded coaches across Nova Scotia. Upon acceptance into the vip program you will be rewarded the following:

  • Under Armour Kit ($200 value)
  • Under Armour Discounts at Cleve’s Source for Sports
  • Connections with a variety of coaches across Nova Scotia
  • Professional Development opportunities and resources
  • 50% off the Atlantic Coaches Conference
  • Financial support to complete required NCCP courses
  • Entry into monthly draws for Cleve’s Source for Sports prizes