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Performance Sciences

An Integrated Support Team (IST) is a group of professionals embedded within the sport with the primary purpose of supporting the coach in delivering a great performance environment and program. An IST consists of specialists in areas such as Mental performance, Sport Medicine and Physiotherapy, Strength and Conditioning, Sport Physiology, Performance analysis, Biomechanics, and Nutrition. By working collaboratively to develop the right approach, the team aims to ensure athletes are healthy, fit, and mentally ready for optimal performance.

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Sport Medicine

  • Sport Physician Consultation 
  • Sport Physiotherapy: Injury prevention and rehabilitation
  • Massage Therapy: Recovery and regeneration
  • Sport Chiropractic

Nutritional Services

•    Individual and group assistance with nutritional education and guidance.
•    Individual and group assistance with decisions around supplement use

CSCA Sport Supplement Policy

Sport Physiology

  • Coach consultations of training programs, fitness testing and periodization
  • Physiological and Anthropometric testing (incremental step tests, Max VO2, body composition)

Performance Analysis and Biomechanics

  • Coach consultations on competition-based performance indicators and how technology might be used to better understand performance
  • An analysis of human movement as it relates to technical execution of the sport

Strength & Conditioning

  • Individual and group strength and conditioning services (consultation or direct programming).
  • Training and testing of strength and power

Mental Training

  • Individual and group assistance (sport-specific or multi-sport) through mental skills development in areas such as: Relaxation techniques, Focusing skills and Stress management