October 4, 2021: Proof of Vaccination Required


Starting 4 October 2021, Canadian Sport Centre Atlantic will require proof of full vaccination to enter the building. This is in accordance with Nova Scotia Public Health’s COVID-19 Protocol for Proof of Full Vaccination.

Coaches will be contacted directly by a CSCA service provider to verify that all their athletes have shown proof of full vaccination.


Expectation of the coach:  Coaches are expected to verify that their athletes who are receiving services at CSCA are fully vaccinated.  


Expectation of the athlete: Athletes are expected to show proof of vaccination to their coach.  In the case where an athlete does not have a designated coach, the athlete is expected to show proof of vaccination to a CSCA service provider prior to entering the building.


Expectation of the CSCA service provider: CSCA service providers are expected to verify with coaches that all athletes and or coaches entering the building are fully vaccinated and must obtain confirmation before allowing access to the building.  

If an athlete has not shown proof of vaccination to their coach prior to entering the building they will not be allowed to enter.

Coaches or guests entering the building will also be required to show proof of vaccination.


 At this time, we will continue to use the rear entrance of the Canada Games Centre.


Medical exemptions for COVID-19 vaccination

The COVID-19 Protocol for Proof of Full Vaccination for Events and Activities allows for a valid medical exception by a nurse practitioner or doctor.

Coaches are expected to communicate with CSCA service providers if an athlete or if they have proof they are medically exempt.