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Natasha Burgess Johnson

Technical Leadership Consultant & ACD Director

Natasha started at CSCA as a Snowboard Coach and in 2017 moved into the position of Coaching Lead.  Her area of expertise is coaching. Natasha is constantly motivated by the positive environment here at the CSCA where you are surrounded by those open and willing to progress sport in the region.  Natasha knows the positive impact coaches can have on an athlete’s life and therefore works to improve coaching support, education and resources available to coaches throughout Atlantic Canada.

When Natasha is not at work she can be found snowboarding in the winter and in the summer, she can be found on a ball field, skateboarding, or deep in the woods on a long hike, all with her husband and daughter in tow!  Currently, Natasha’s family passion project is completely re-building their 100-year-old home, which is where she and her family can be found many nights and weekends.