Kryzysztof Kierkowski
Nova Scotia

Kristof joined the CSCA team in 2018 as the Next Gen Athlete High Performance Coach in Sailing.  Kristof attended the Academy of Physical Education in Gdansk, Poland.  

Kristof began sailing at the age of six and years later, found himself competing at the 2008 Olympic Summer Games in Beijing.  Kristof retired after the 2008 games and made the transition into coaching.  Kristof enjoys being able to share his knowledge and skills with young sailors, while helping athletes to achieve excellence in sport and in life.

For Kristof, coaching is all about helping athletes develop confidence and skills that will take them far in sport and in life.  He loves what he does and is grateful he has the opportunity to coach everyday.

Kristof’s proudest moment in coaching to date is seeing young sailors grow up and decided to give back to the sailing community and inspire the next generation of young sailors.