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Chris DeWolfe

Mental Performance Consultant

Chris joined the CSCA in 2018 as a Mental Performance Consultant.  Chris holds a Bachelor of Kinesiology with Honours, a Bachelor of Arts with Honours, a Master of Science in Exercise and Sport Science, and is a PhD in Clinical Psychology candidate at Dalhousie University. 

Chris provides mental performance training to coaches and athletes and enjoys helping them improve their mental performance skills so that they can progress in their sport.    He loves the high motivation and dedication he sees from athletes and coaches when it comes to self improvement.

Chris pays special attention to helping coaches and athletes develop a high-performance mindset, which includes building confidence, focusing attention, managing nerves/emotions, gaining motivation, and embracing the many challenges of sport. 

When not working with coaches and athletes, Chris can be found playing volleyball, learning new songs to play on guitar or working on his PhD.