Canadian Sport Centre Atlantic to Study Performance Cultures of Team Nova Scotia


Focusing on people as a competitive advantage

Halifax, N.S. CANADA: In partnership with Innerlogic, the Canadian Sport Centre Atlantic (CSCA) seeks to examine Team Nova Scotia’s performance preparation and culture at the upcoming Canada Games.

“The metrics here are the human and system aspects of culture. Our goal is to back coaches so they can focus on developing athletes for the national and international stage in a supportive and empowering way,” said Evan MacInnis, the director of performance pathways for the CSCA.

“We need to focus on the person, who in this case is the coach, in order to achieve sustainable systemic excellence. We believe that this is a critical shift not just for Nova Scotia, but for our country.”

In partnership with innerlogic, the CSCA’s custom assessment will collect data on human factors (i.e., safety, well-being, inclusion, etc.) and system factors (i.e., accountability, adaptability, vision, etc.). The results of analyzing these two factors will help establish a process to make targeted, evidence-based leadership decisions.


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Sarah MacNeil, Communications Lead, Canadian Sport Centre Atlantic

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