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Steve LeBlanc Athletics

Steve LeBlanc
New Brunswick
  • Team/Club: Université de Moncton & ASEA (Athlétisme Sud-Est South East Athletics)

Category: CSCA Affiliated coach


Year you started coaching: 1990


Hometown: Riverview NB


Currently residing in: Riverview NB


CSCA Athletes/Training groups coached: ANB High Performance Team


How did you get into coaching? Started assisting my coach while I was still an athlete, took some NCCP courses, and went on from there.


Why do you coach? Coaching allows you to be directly involved in helping people achieve their goals and reach their potential, both as athletes and as people. That is a very rewarding process to be a part of on a daily basis.


Please provide us with a brief paragraph about your coaching philosophy:

My coaching philosophy is built around the concept of team – the coach and the athlete form a team who share common goals and who work together to achieve those goals. As the needs arise, the team grows to help support those goals and the training involved in achieving them (eg, fellow coaches and training partners, IST members, etc). The shared efforts of all help everyone in the group reach their goals.