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Scott Tanner Judo

Scott Tanner
Nova Scotia
  • Team/Club: Atlantic Judo Training Center

Category: CSCA Coach


Year you started coaching: 2007 (professionally)


Hometown: Halifax


Currently residing in: Halifax


CSCA Athletes/Training groups coached: Provincial Coach/National Project Coach


How did you get into coaching? Retired from competition and moved into coaching stream.


Why do you coach? I want to produce as many Olympians as possible and ultimately and Olympic medalist.


Please provide us with a brief paragraph about your coaching philosophy:


My coaching philosophy is quite simple. I focus my athletes on their performance. Gains are measured by how they perform and not necessarily from their results. It is important to me that my athletes performs to their potential.


I also believe in the power of effort, hard work, and determination more than I do talent. I am passionate about those athletes who fully commit their being to get the most out of themselves while reaching for their goals. If the athlete is willing to give this of themselves than I will do the same for them. Anything less than this to me is recreational sport.