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Ryan Hamilton

Ryan Hamilton
New Brunswick

Discipline:  Sport Psychology


CSCA groups you work with:  All carded and training group athletes in NB.


When did you start practicing, and why?

I’ve been practicing since 2000. I have always been a tremendous fan of sports. Whether the sport be mainstream or less popular, professional or amateur, my love of competition, performance and human sacrifice have always drawn me toward sports. I’m also a bit of a nerd who finds human behaviour to be fascinating. The day I realized that sport psychology was something you could actually be paid for, I knew what my future career would look like. The opportunity to share in the highs and lows, development and accomplishments of athletes and teams is a true blessing and well worth every year/decade it took to get here.


Please provide a few thoughts on working with high performance athletes:

The high performance athlete has a sense of their potential and the massive undertaking it is to reach it. They have made sacrifices that many of their lower performing peers have not. Sport, is a central component of who they are and is not just a trivial game or pursuit. I respect any athlete or person who is driven beyond the “gee it would be great” approach to their life. High performance athletes arrange their lives, their energy, their identity around finding out how fast, how precise, how explosive, how flawless, how incredible they can be. As a sport psychologist/fan, I thank them for that and love playing a small part in helping them find their potential.