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Natasha McLaughlin-Chaisson

Natasha McLaughlin-Chaisson
New Brunswick

Discipline: Sports & Performance Nutrition/Nutrition Coach


CSCA groups you work with: several targeted athletes and training groups, as well as New Brunswick Canada games teams: swimming, canoe & kayak, golf, soccer, hockey, cycling, fencing, judo, ringette, speed skating, alpine ski, gymnastics, badminton, curling, figure skating, wrestling, triathlon.


When did you start practicing? Sport specific as of 2009


Why did you become a Sports Dietitian?

I always valued the health aspect of nutrition and after a few years in the private industry as a generalized Registered Dietitian, I got to taste sports nutrition working with a couple amateur athletes. Their sheer drive, intensity and motivation, as well as their willingness to do whatever it took to win inspired me and made me want to work with them.


Please provide a few thoughts on working with high performance athletes:

It is a privilege, every day, to get to work with my elite athletes. They are inspirational in their training and my favorite part of my job is seeing my HP athletes succeed and reach their goals. I enjoy being able to bring these already successful athletes, 1 step closer to peak performance. High performance athletes (both within and outside of the CSCA) give me the ability to practice my problem solving skills and to travel with to intervene on-the-spot in camps and competitions.