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Natasha Burgess Snowboard

Natasha Burgess
Nova Scotia
  • Team/Club: Nova Scotia Provincial Team

Category: CSCA Coach


Year you started coaching:  Snowboarding – Fall 2005.


Hometown: Cole Harbour, NS


Currently residing in:  Dartmouth


CSCA Athletes/Training groups coached:  Freestyle Snowboard Elite Team (Training Group)


How did you get into coaching?:  I started helping out as a coach at my local gymnastics club around 1999 and started coaching my own group of athletes in 2001.  In 2005, I was approached by the Snow School Director at our local ski hill (Martock) while working as a Ski & Snowboard Instructor and told about a Provincial Coaching position that had just been posted. I applied and the rest “is history”.


Why do you coach?:  I love seeing the athletes progress in their athletic abilities and assisting young adults in realizing who they are through healthy living.  My favorite is having athletes come back and remain involved in the program and to see the amazing people they have become!


Please provide us with a brief paragraph about your coaching philosophy:

To successfully guide my athletes to reach their athletic goals within the sport of snowboarding as well as reaching their personal and academic goals (a holistic athlete).  The goal is to create an atmosphere of excellence and respect where each athlete is striving to absolutely excel in their own area and where dedication is celebrated. I expect myself, my coaching staff and our athletes to share in our values of dedication, honesty, fair play, teamwork, and respect and to be committed to the sport, training and striving for excellence.