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Ken Morrison

Ken Morrison
New Brunswick

Discipline: Strength and Conditioning Coach


CSCA athletes/groups you work with (if specific): Canada Games teams from various sports. CSCA training groups and individual athletes from various sports including: Judo, Speed Skating, Athletics, Swimming, Karate, Wrestling, Curling, Goal Ball, Taekwondo, and Cross Country Ski.


When did you start practicing? I started as a strength coach about 6 years ago with a small private strength and conditioning service that trained various teams and athletes.


Why did you become a ? I became a strength coach because of a unique practicum opportunity I fell upon during my undergraduate degree at UNB. The practicum involved program design and implementation for various athletes. I enjoyed the experience and sought out further practicum opportunities in the strength and conditioning field and later went on do my masters in sport science.


Please provide a few thoughts on working with high performance athletes: Working with high performance athletes is such a unique and rewarding experience. These athletes are highly motivated and willing to push themselves past their comfort level which makes working with them truly special. The part I love most about working with high performance athletes is that everyday is different, presenting new problems and new solutions. The field of strength and conditioning  and sport science evolves so quickly that it keeps you constantly learning and growing.