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Helen Radford Curling

Helen Radford
Nova Scotia
  • Team/Club: NSCA, Curl Atlantic

Category: CSCA coach


Year you started coaching: 1986


Hometown:  Halifax


Currently residing in:  Halifax


CSCA Athletes/Training groups coached:  National Teams, La Releve, The Next Wave


How did you get into coaching?  I have been competitive in both soccer and curling for a long time and coaching is an extension of each sport that I enjoy.


Why do you coach?  I love to interact with athletes and coaches and provide them with tools to help them improve.  I also learn from each athlete and coach I work with and find it to be a rewarding relationship.  There is an art and science to coaching and I enjoy both aspects.


Please provide us with a brief paragraph about your coaching philosophy: 

My coaching philosophy is centered on the holistic development of athletes as people.  I want to empower athletes so that they can be prepared to perform at their best, in the moment.  I consider myself to be a lifelong learner and constantly seek opportunities that will help advance my own skills whether they are related to on-ice or off-ice skills.  I am committed to helping teams work together as well as developing each athlete in physical, technical/tactical, social and psychological skills.  I personally enjoy when athletes and coaches have a story of success no matter how small it may be and if I have had some impact on their success then that makes me happy.