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Geoff Mabey

Geoff Mabey
New Brunswick

Discipline: Athletic Therapy/ Osteopathy


CSCA athletes/groups you work with (if specific): Wrestling, Volleyball, Basketball, and others.


When did you start practicing? Finished Athletic Therapy certification 1998, Finished Osteopathy Certification 2013


Why did you become an Athletic Therapist/Osteopath?

I became an Athletic Therapist due to several experiences with athletic injuries both of my own and other.  I developed and even more keen interest during my university days when I played varsity volleyball, and also served as the student therapist with varsity athletes.

I pursued my Osteopathic certification after working as an AT for eight years, and was exposed to several different clinical cases that were outside of my scope of practice, and therefore my aspiration to help people improve their health.  Osteopathy with its approach to treating the whole body as a functional unit, lead me to pursue and complete this program.  It now provides me the tools to treat a broader population.



Please provide a few thoughts on working with high performance athletes:

Since 2003 I have worked with Canada Basketball and attended 6 World University Games giving me the opportunity to travel around the world.  High performance athletes bring a very dynamic challenge to this profession.  The skills and knowledge to get the athletes back to competition as soon as possible is always interesting and the pressure to help the athlete return is very satisfying in the end.